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God Please Deliver Me From This Pain 3 Volumes

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Dr. Patricia Frye reveals her suffering in three powerful volumes! 

 Many can see the smile on your face; but no one ever sees the scar on your heart. They can see the sincerity in your worship, but no one sees the color of your tears. People see the glory in your life, but no one knows the cost! They see the style of your clothes before they notice the knife in your back! Faithful, dedicated and committed; while wounded, bruised and feel like quitting! What they see as a fairy tale is truly uncovered as a nightmare. This is a gruesome tale of life and ministry at its hardest. Nobody really knows the suffering of a servant until they have an encounter with them at their cross. Can you really imagine the agony, pain , hurt, torture, and persecution of being anointed before being in your mother's womb to carry an Apostolic/ Prophetic anointing to establish order and correction in the Body of Christ? What about the misery, unhappiness and sadness of serving in obedience to God being called a witch, blackballed ,rejected, debarred and excluded by leaders that have placed you under character assassination, while with a pure and sincere heart doing what God ordained you to do before the foundation of the world... Join me on the journey!

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