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Komfort BEYOND products provide the relaxation of a spa experience at home. Komfort of aches, pains, muscle soreness, immobility, dry skin, insomnia, allergies and more. Products can be used for hand soaks, foot soaks, baths, moisturizing, and general pain komfort. Client reviews prove that this product is more than just a remedy, It's Komfort BEYOND your imagination!


  • Two weeks ago I had a headache. I rubbed the comfort oil on my head and in less than 3 minutes my headache was gone. I love this product!!!!

    K. Alexander

  • I had surgery on my right foot in 2016. Every morning I awaken with pain and stiffness. I rubbed the Comfort Therapeutic Oil on my foot the night I purchased the oil. The next morning, I awakened with absolutely no pain or stiffness. This product is powerful! I use it nightly!

    V. Sanchez

  • I suffer with my back due to long hours of standing doing hair. I used the comfort massage lotion after a hard day. Normally the next day I still can feel discomfort. To my surprise, no pain. I love it! I'm definitely a continual customer!!